Music/lyrics: Stacy Glen Tibbetts *** Libretto/lyrics: Pamela Monk

Sparks fly between a food critic and the executive chef of a Manhattan restaurant in this new romantic comedy.

"Melodious... nice work."
-- Peter Filichia, Newark, NJ Star Ledger,

Finalist for production in the 2006 Theatre Resources Unlimited (TRU) New Voices Musicals Reading Series.

Top-four finalist for production in 4th Wall Music Theatre's 2007 Musicals in Development (MID) Series

July 10, 2004: Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, State Theatre, State College, PA

June 21 & 22, 2004: Cabaret Performance, Downtown Theatre Center, State College, PA

March 27, 2004: Book-in-hand reading, University Club, State College, PA

"Bella Sicilia is good stuff. Every time I hear it, I like it more. As a matter of fact, I was humming the tunes for a long time after we left the theatre this summer!" -- Martha Traverse, cast member and Broadway actress

"We just had to let you know how delighted we both were to see the performance Saturday night! It was a great time--and the music was wonderful... The love songs were sweet, heartfelt, and beautiful, and the other songs had such variety and spice and creativity--wow!" -- Gina Leon, writer/editor, Penn State

"I very much enjoyed the performance - thought the cast was very strong... In general, it's an entertaining story line, and I could never do what you and Pam have done... I think with some fine tuning and critical input, you'll have a winner." -- Deb Cree, Bellefonte, PA

"I found myself humming the duet between the cook and Ben when I left. That is a very good sign for a musical." -- Camille-Yvette Welsch

"Tremendous work... we really loved it... I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the numbers live, and my parents, particularly my father, thought they were fantastic." -- Scott Diehl, Watershed Technical Consulting, LLC, Barrington, RI

"The emotion in "What They're Saying" came through strongly and the audience was visibly moved. And again, after "Too Bad He's a Man", which is a showstopper. "What is a Man" was well acted and sung … It was just one great song and scene after another..." -- Lester Merton, electrical engineer

"My favorite might actually be the "Sheriff's Riding Song"... it made me laugh out loud!" -- Jim Colbert, Art Director, Barash Advertising

"So -- is this a show that has already happened or is it a show we can still get tickets for??? And if so, how?" -- Susan Sampsell, Financial Officer, The Pennsylvania State University

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Bella Sicilia, tell everyone you meet
We've got the finest Italian food to eat
Bella Sicilia, the word's out on the street:
"Dishes delightful, the service can't be beat!"

As the curtain rises, downtown Manhattan restaurant owner Leona Passaparole; Leona's beautiful 20-something daughter Erica, the house manager; and their staff are working to prepare their new empty restaurant for its upcoming opening.

The executive chef of this upscale Italian restaurant, Bella Ruggiero, is so well known that they've decided not to even advertise the new place -- it will be so elite that only those who are in the know will come. Not even Bella's witty arch-rival Ben Carson, noted food critic for Gustibus magazine, will be writing a review.

But soon, a family of veteran wine merchants, headed by Pete Jones and Alex Tapis, returns from a buying trip to Europe to stock Bella Sicilia's cellars for the big opening night -- and romance and rivalries ensue. Alex and Erica rekindle an old flame; Bella vows that she never will; and Alex's stepsister Donna vents about her employers.

Soon a wine tasting is held, a wedding is planned, and a plot is hatched to get Bella and Ben together -- but will long-held jealousies tear the two families apart? Trouble is brewing in the restaurant's wine cellar... discontent is brewing among the waitstaff... someone is spying on the action for a gossip column... and the western wanna-be security guards just want to saddle up and ride off into the sunset.




Song Demo Performance Credits

"Bella Sicilia": Jill Shockey, alto; Rochelle Smith, soprano; Stacy Tibbetts, baritone, Tracey Tibbetts, piano
"Erica": Jason Fahey, tenor, Meredith Byron, soprano, Matt Doebler, piano
"Empty Restaurant Theme": Gretchen Seaver, violin; Matt Doebler, piano
"In Matters Sauce and Condiment": Laura Saxe, soprano; Dave Saxe, baritone, Matt Doebler, piano
"When You Go To Italy": Jason Fahey, Tenor; Tom Wehry, baritone, Matt Doebler, piano
"What They're Saying": Jason Fahey, Tenor; Sophie Ballo, Soprano, Matt Doebler, piano
"It's Too Bad That He's a Man": Alison Young, Rochelle Smith, sopranos; Jill Shockey, alto, Tracey Tibbetts, piano
"Wine Tasting": Tracey Tibbetts, piano
"New York in the Spring": Gary Brintz, baritone, Rochelle Smith, soprano, Deb Cree, piano
"What Is A Man?": Martha Traverse, soprano, Matt Doebler, piano
"Waiting": Stacy Tibbetts, tenor, Meredith Byron, soprano, Matt Doebler, piano
"More": Martha Traverse, Soprano; Jason Fahey, tenor; Tom Wehry, baritone, Matt Doebler, piano; Stacy Tibbetts, percussion
"Sheriff's Riding Song": Tom Wehry, baritone; Jason Fahey, tenor; Matt Doebler, piano
"Here's a Toast": the staff and management of Bella Sicilia